• ID: IT058990240784
  • ANGELO - DBL D BAR x L BAR 1473 x 1231-6 FRENZEL
  • Dam: 7112 FRENZEL
  • 2nd Dam: 2121 FRENZEL
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Among the very few Beefmaster sires available in Europe.

The Beefmaster breed originated in Texas as a beef breed suitable for crossbreeding on other breeds. The foundation of the breed originated in the 1930s, mixing 50% of Bos Indicus blood (Gir and Guz from India, and Nelore from Brazil) with 25% Hereford blood and 25% Salers blood.
The Beefmaster breed has high heterosis (hybrid vigor) and excels in fertility, longevity, feed efficiency. It also stands out for docility, high adaptability, hardiness, and resistance to disease and insects. It has high growth rates, and the meat has low fatty acid content.