Artificial Insemination Station

The Intermizoo A.I. station is located in Vallevecchia farm in Brussa Carole (Venice) where all the collection, processing and stocking activities of semen has been transferred in year 2011.

The location of the A.I. station is characterized by seacoast area and it is far away from the areas dedicated to the animal breeding, allowing in this way a natural sanitary isolation of the bulls that live in the station.
About 300 young bulls are waiting for genetic evaluation and they are raised into two barns. Close to that there is the barn for Proven Bulls designed to be able to be handled in complete isolation from the outside, and air-conditioned in order to ensure maximum comfort of the bulls and maximum quality of semen produced.

Interno della stalla di produzione INTERMIZOO
Inside view of Proven Bulls barn.

Near to the Proven Bulls’ barn there is the laboratory where the semen will be analyzed, packaged and stored before to be selled.
Just after collection, the semen samples are labeled for electronic identification. The sample is passed to the laboratory and maintained at a constant temperature of 32 ° C before being processed.

Interno del laboratorio di analisi e processazione del seme INTERMIZOO
The laboratory for sperm analysis and processing.

In the laboratory starts a careful evaluation of semen quality with a macroscopic and microscopic examination.
Consistency, color, volume, spermatozoa morphology, concentration and kinetic parameters (motility and the trajectory of spermatozoa) are analysed.

Once the sample passed the quality control, a buffer solution is added in order to give nutrients and at the same time to protect the sperm cells during freezing. The semen is so ready for be packed in straws printed with the identification number and bull name, the A.I. station code and the date of collection.
The staws so prepared pass a very delicate phase of freezing, handled by computerized equipment, in which they pass gradually from a temperature of + 4 °C to -140 °C.

All the produced straws are then stored in liquid Nitrogen where they remain for a minimum period of quarantine.
At this point, the straws are ready for the market to spread the activity of selection of the Intermizoo throughout the World.

Laboratorio INTERMIZOO
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