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The Intermizoo is an Italian A.I. company working since 1974 in animal genetic field.
Our mission is to making available tools to the dairy industry in order to enhance farmer’s income by genetic way.
Our main business and experience is with Holstein Friesian dairy cows but we are working also with Brown Swiss, Simmental, beef cattle breeds, and local breeds for maintain the genetic diversity.
In almost 40 years of activity the Intermizoo tested more than 2000 bulls, some of which has played an important role in Italian Holstein-Friesian dairy cow population and has been exported worldwide as well, like Sabbiona Bookie, Alzi Juror Ford and Boss Iron, or the more recent New Farm Britt Prince.
In our activity we pay a particular attention to the progeny test, in order to evaluate as much correct and objective as possible the young bulls. As consequence of this careful work our bulls have data stability over the time.

The success of the company has been to set as priority in the breeding program choices, the farmer and dairy industry requests. For these reasons the main objectives of selection are:

  • Increase the overall efficiency of the herd;
  • Improvement of functional traits especially longevity and fertility;
  • Enhancing the value of milk for dairy industry.

In the last years investments has been made in new facilities and in Research and Development helping the Intermizoo to be projected into the future.

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