Cheese Aptitude Index

The genetic selection of dairy cattle for improve the suitability of milk for cheese industries is one of the selection objective of Intermizoo.
We think that the Holstein is a breed with great genetic potential, but for sure it need an improvement for Cheese Making Aptidude.
But for follow these aims in our field are need as raw material phenotypic data, manly now in the era of genomic selection. It was possible to set an efficient and serious data collection thanks to our collaboration with the research group of Prof. Martino Cassandro from University of Padova and the laboratory of Veneto Region farmer association where mid-infrared calibration equation for Cheese Making Aptitude was installed.
Since when first data were collected, it started the first genetic evaluation for Cheese Making Aptitude and in January 2012 we published Cheese Bull, the first catalogue in the World of bulls selected for improve this milk feature.
Look here in our catalogue page the most recent issue of Cheese Bull. 

From the beginning we understand that was need to express the results form genetic evaluation in a way that was easy to understand and technically valid.
After some simulation and adjustments we choose a 100 base index, used already in Italian Holstein for somatic cell index and other functional traits.
The new index, Cheese Aptitude Index is a combination of the two traits, Rennet Clotting Time (RCT) and Curd firmness (A30) with a weight of 50:50. The average of the index is 100 and 1 standard deviation is 5, where with values higher than 100 we identify bulls that improve Cheese Making Aptitude.

                                                                                  Cheese Aptitude Index

The index is periodically up-date, usually in the same period of National official genetic evaluation and for the bulls that reach an adequate reliability we publish the data in our website, in the bull section.
This index is based on data collected from Veneto Region farms since September 2011 and the dataset continuing to increase and it has reached now more than half million of test-day from more than 100 000 cows.
The Cheese Making Aptitude is so inside our selection program and we are working also inside cow families for select mothers of bulls suitable for cheese industries.

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