Genetic Evaluation August 2020 - PROVEN BULLS

The genetic evaluation of August 2020 gave to Intermizoo great satisfaction: Intermizoo has 9 PROVEN BULLS in the top 15 Italian GPFT official ranking!
This is the result of the hard work of the entire team, and the far-sighted choices Intermizoo made in the past.
As a matter of fact, today's proven bulls are the result of the choises firmly maded 5 years ago, when they were genomic bulls.
This proves Intermizoo's GENETIC QUALITY over time: results strongly confirm this.
So, go into detail of the genetic evaluation of Intermizoo's proven bulls.

Look at Hostein Proven section for the complete Intermizoo's evaluation of August 2020!

          RALLY bull sheet
  He debuts as proven bull with the genetic evaluation of August 2020. 
  He comes in second place in the GPFT ranking and earns the top of IES and ICS-PR rankings.
  Rally comes from the same family as BRASILEIRO and COMEDY: for the fist time, three bulls of the same family are in the top 8 GPFT ranking!
  Rally stands out for great production and for excellent fitness traits.
  The daughters of Rally are very productive cows, who develop and improve during lactations. 

          COMEDY bull sheet
  In the genetic evaluation of August 2020, Comedy adds 67 second lactation cows. 
  Comedy makes very balanced, wide and dairy cows which demonstrate a great maturation from first to second lactation:
  - First lactation milk index: 806 points
  - Second lactation milk index: 1389 points



          SECTOR bull sheet
  Sector is another new entry of Intermizoo's proven bull fleet.
  He is a butterfat specialist and has outstanding production!
  Sector has aAa code 531 and his daughters are wide and well balanced, with correct rumps and ideal set of the legs.
  All-round bull not to be missed!



         PARALLEL bull sheet
  Parallel confirms himself: an extremely completed bull! 
  His daughters are well built, wide and balanced cows that easily produce high amount of milk, thanks to aAa code 531.
  As Clash, Parallel is a milestone in polled bulls.



          ZAMBESI bull sheet
  A Bull proven through progeny test system, Zambesi is giving great satisfaction.
  Compared to April 2018 proofs, Zambesi gains 1027 GPFT points thanks to the 71 new second lactation daughters.



          CAMBRIDGE bull sheet
  Thanks to his 70 new second lactation cows, Cambridge demonstrates a great maturation from first to second lactation.
  He is more and more popular worldwide: he is one of the best daughter proven bull for type & udder by far.
  Gifted with outstanding healthy mammary systems and excellent milkability.


          POISON bull sheet
  A daughter proven bull with third lactation cows and a solid presence in the Italian proven bulls GPFT list.
  Poison is one of the earliest Doorman sons out of the famous Muri Planet Popsy EX90.
  He is high in longevity and daughter fertility. Poison sires deep ribbed cows with a lot of dairy strenght. 



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