Genetic Evaluation April 2022 – GENOMIC BULLS

The two main news of the Evaluation of April 2022 are very important for the Italian Holstein Selection Program:
first of all, the Italian Holstein Friesian Genetic Base has been updated (read the news here); secondly ANAFIBJ, the Italian Holstein Association, has pubblished the new Index for Heat Tolerance - IHT (find out what heat stress in dairy cattle means).
But now, let’s have a look at the amazing results of Intermizoo’s genomic bulls!

Look at the Holstein Genomic section for the updated list of Intermizoo’s genomic bulls.

  • In the Italian GPFT ranking, there are 6 Intermizoo Bulls in the Top 10, which are: Ruelo, Sebulba, Gotico, Wendat, Scatman and Geyser P.
  • Wendat ranked second for IES (+1351 €), followed by Scatman (+1344 €) and Sebulba (+1278 €).
  • Geyser P is leader of the Italian Rankings for ICS-PR (+1635 €), followed by Wendat, Ruelo and Malacca in the Top 5.
  • In the Top 10 for Milk, there are: Unicum (2nd), Truck, Lipsia and Sirocco.
  • Ecuador P, Unicum and Wendat are in the Top 10 for Protein (Kg)
  • Kalinko is the highest genomic bull for Fat (+117kg).
  • Verdiso (2.98) and Boeing (2.83) ranked 1st and 2nd fot Type.

So, go into detail of this genetic evaluation!

         RUELO  (bull sheet)
Ruelo is the big news of this Genomic Evaluation: he ranks 3rd in the Italian GPFT ranking (+4804 points).
He is very high for dry matter: +96 Kg of Fat and the bonus of K-casein BB.
His management traits are excellent, with positive BCS Index.
Ruelo is also one of the best Genomic Intermizoo Bulls for Heat Tolerance Index (110).



          WENDAT (bull sheet)
Wendat rankes in the Top 10 fo GPFT (+4742 points).
He is also in 2nd place for IES (+1351 €) and 3°rd for ICS-PR (+1543  €).
Wendat also got excellent positions on Dutch chart (2nd) and Swiss chart (4th).
This bull has a great Milking Index and great components (+83 kg Proteins).
Moreover he combines a well balanced morphology with the plus of K-casein BB and B-casein A2A2.



           GOTICO (bull sheet)
Gotico is the son of Geyser P, one of the best genomic bulls of Intermizoo:
He ranks in the Top 5 for gPFT (+4751 points)
His proofs are high, with good productions and percentages.
Gotico has excellent Udder Index, with great milkability and udder health (116).
He is also characterized by increasing functional traits, with high Longevity (120) and Daughter Fertility (112).



         SEBULBA (bull sheet)
From the same family of Spinoff, Sebulba is on the TOP 5 of the Genomic gPFT rankings (+4775 points)!
He also has a great IES Index: as a matter of fact, he combines high Fat (+97 Kg) and Proteins (+82 Kg)
with great milkability and udder health.
Sebulba also has the bonus of K-casein BB and B-casein A2A2.



          ECUADOR P (bull sheet)
Ecuador P is one of the polled bulls introduced in December 2021.
His cross Hothand x Jameson is different from bloodlines of many polled bulls.
Ecuador P has great productions with high components (+85 kg Proteins) and
he also has excellent management traits: he is one of the higher Intermizoo bulls for Automated Milking Index (108).





           CRISALIS RF (bull sheet)
Crisalisf RF is the 1st Red Factor Genomic bull in Italian rankings: his gPFT is +4523 points.
He has excellent milk productions (+1679 kg) with high components:
+82 kg of proteins e +90 kg of fat.
Crisalis is an improver for udders: he has ideal teat length and position.




          SONORA P (bull sheet)
Sonora P has a different cross from the bloodlines of many polled bulls: Hulk x Imax x Profit.
This Polled Bull has good productions and high fat and proteins.
He also has a well balanced morphology and excellent management traits: Longevity (112) and Daughter Fertility (109).


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