Genetic Evaluation April 2021 – GENOMIC BULLS

Let's have a look at the latest update of the Evaluation of April 2021!  Here an overview of all the amazing results of Intermizoo’s genomic bulls!

Look at Holstein Genomic section for the updated list of Intermizoo's genomic bulls.

In the Italian GPFT ranking, there are 9 Intermizoo's bulls in the top 15. 
The most Intermizoo’s worth quoting bulls of this evaluation are:

  • CRISALIS RF and GEYSER, which are the second and the fourth bulls in the Italian GPFT ranking
  • GEYSER, first Italian bull in the IES and ICS-PR rankings
  • CRISALIS RF is the highest genomic bull for Protein (kg) 
  • KALINKO, is the highest genomic bull for Fat (kg) 
  • UNICUM, is the highest genomic bull for Milk (kg) 
  • VERDISO, is the highest genomic bull for Feet and Legs 

So, go into detail of this genetic evaluation!

          CRISALIS RF bull sheet

  He is in the 2nd place in the Italian GPFT ranking (+4670) and he also have great economical indeces: +1263 IES and +1267 ICS-PR.

  His proofs are improving and he tops on many international rankings: Italy, USA, France, Germany and Switzerland.

  Crisalis RF has a well-balanced morphology, with an alternative pedigree and the bonus of the red factor. Great improver of teat length and position.

  He is also the highest bull for Protein Kg (+92) and one of the TOP bulls in Fat Kg ranking (+104).



          CAMDEN PC bull sheet

  Camden is a great polled bull from a different sire stack: Charl X Bandares.

  He gains about 200 GPFT points from the last evaluation.

  He an allround bull, moreover he has extreme economical indeces: +1348 IES and +1608 ICS-PR.

  Camden has the bonus of polled gene, K-casein BB and B-casein A2A2.


          GEYSER PC bull sheet

  Still on the TOP of GPFT and ICS-PR list: +1412 IES and +1852 ICS-PR.

  He is one of the best sire of sons of the Intermizoo's genetic program, thanks to his complete profile, his exellent proofs and the bonus of polled gene.

  Moreover, his fitness traits are excellent: he is 123 in longevity index, 116 in daughter fertility and 118 in udder health index.



          HOLOCRON bull sheet

  He excels in everything: very high proofs, complete and balanced package.

  His cross Aristocrat Fortune makes it easy to combine with many of the most popular bloodlines.

  His proofs are high, complete and balanced both for production and for morphology. He has a very good BCS index (108) and the bonus of A2A2 milk.




          UNGAVA bull sheet

  From an Italian family, his dam is one of the greatest cows of Intermizoo’s selection program, which combines morphology and production.

  He has lots of milk, components and the bonus of A2A2 milk. He has a very good BCS index (105).





          KALINKO bull sheet

  Thanks to his Pedigree, Kalinko had a great evaluation in April 2021!

  Kalinko has a complete sire pattern: a butterfat specialist and well balanced morphology.

  He is the highest genomic bull in the Fat ranking: +122kg.



         DUBLINER bull sheet

  Dubliner is the specialist of Pro Caseus Index: the new Intermizoo's genomic index for cheese-making aptitude!

  He comes from the Family of Cambridge and he has the bonus of a different pedigree.

  His characteristics are great udder and excellent feet & legs.




          MUMBAI PC bull sheet

  Mumbai is a great news of this evaluation: an all-round complete bull with the bonus of polled gene (50% polled calves)

  He sires medium sized cows with balanced morphology. His daughter has great fertility and somatic cell index.

  Moreover, mumbai has the bonus of K-casein BB and B-casein A2A2.




         GAMMEL PP bull sheet,

  Gammel sires 100% polled calves! He comes from the same family of Geyser.

  Thanks to his proofs, he is one of the best polled bulls. He sires well-balanced cows, charachterised by great ferility and longevity.

  He also has excellent productions and milkability.

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