The new Italian Holstein Friesian Evaluation of August 2022 confirms the quality and solidity of Intermizoo Proven Bulls.
Ghibli and Laborghini join the solid group composed by Miura, Kubrick, Dragon P and Pepsol.

So, let’s check the results of this Evaluation:

  • In the PFT ranking, there are 6 Intermizoo bulls in the TOP 10: Kubrick (1st), Miura (2nd), Ghibli (4rd), Lamborghini (6th), Dragon P (7th) and Innuendo (10th).
  • In the IES ranking, Miura, Rally and Kubrick are in the TOP 3;
  • In the ICS-PR ranking, there are 3 Intermizoo bulls in the top 4, which are Miura (1st), Rally (3rd) and Nebula (4th);
  • In the Protein (kg) ranking, there are 4 Intermizoo bulls in the top 5 positions: Kubrick (1st), Nebula (3rd), Jesolo (4th) and Miura (5th);
  • In the Fat (kg) rankings, Samovar and Innuendo lead the standing with +124 and +107kg each.

Full rankings of August can be found here.


In the Evaluation of August, Kubrick leads the ranking of Italian PFT Proven Bulls and he is also in the 3rd place for the Italian Economical Index IES.
His productions improve from 1st to 2nd lactations and have good percentages (Protein 0.41% – Fat 0.41%).
His daughters show a well balanced morphology with correct rump.


This is the first Evaluation as Proven Bull: he ranks 4th with +4187 points for PFT.
Ghibli’s productions are very qualitative (Fat 0.57%) and the morphology of his daughters is correct with positive rump angle and teats length.
This bull is high in Automated Milking Index (109) and in Heat Tolerance Index (111).


Dragon P is in the TOP 10 of Italian PTF Proven Bull with +4159 points. He is also the 1st polled bull in Italy for PFT.
He has great Udder and Type, and excellent Fat and Protein precentages with the bonus of K-BB and A2A2.
His daughters show a well balanced morphology and correct rump angle.


This is the first Evaluation as Proven bull for Pegasus: he has great productions with the plus og K-BB and A2A2 milk.
The daughters of Pegasus has excellent morphology, with great Type and well balanced between stature and dairy form.


Miura confirms his proofs again and again: he is in 2nd place for PFT (+4310 points) and in 1st place for IES (+1107€) and ICs-PR (+1146€).
His daughter are balanced between quality prductions (0.41% Fat – 0.39% Protein) and excellent managment traits: easy calves, milkability, scs and BCS.