The new Italian Holstein Friesian Evaluation of April 2023 confirms the quality and solidity of Intermizoo Proven Bulls: for the 7th time in a row, Intermizoo has the 1st bull in the PFT, IES and ICS-PR rankings, which are Pegasus for PFT and Spinoff for IES and ICS-PR!

Gaudì and Bulova join the solid group of Intermizoo’s proven bulls.

So, let’s check the results of this Evaluation:

  • In the PFT ranking, there are 5 Intermizoo bulls in the TOP 10: Pegasus ranks first.
  • In the IES ranking, Spinoff confirms his genomic proof: he is in 1st place again;
  • In the ICS-PR ranking, Spinoff also ranks 1st;
  • In the Protein (kg) ranking, Pegasus is in second position;
  • In the Milk (kg) rankings, Parallel is in the Top 3 (2077 kg milk).

Full rankings of December can be found here.


Pegasus comes from the family of Muri Planet Pepsy & Popsy.
This is the third Evaluation as Proven bull: he has increasing milk productions with the plus of K-BB and A2A2 milk.
In the valuation of April, 644 cows are added. The daughters of Pegasus confirm his quality: excellent morphology, well balanced between stature and dairy form. Suitable for robot milking (IMA 109).


Gaudì ranks in fourth place for PFT Italian Proven Bulls ranking (+4350 points). He also ranks in the Top of IES (3rd) and ICS-PR (2nd).
His milk productions are high in quality (0.41% protein and 0.72% fat) with the plus of K-BB and A2A2 milk.
Gaudì has great managment traits, high in udder health (107), somatic cell index (106) and milkability (107). He is suitable for Robot Milking (IMA 105).
Longevity and Fertility Indeces are also good: 109.


Bulova ranks in the Top 10 of Proven Bulls and is the news of this evaluation: he comes from the great Go-Farm Brashine EX91 and from the same family of Boero.
This bull has great quality milk (+0.54% fat): as a matter of fact, he ranks 3rd for kg of fat.
The Udder Composition Index is good, with great management traits: Somatic Cell 108, Udder Health 106 and suitable for robot milking.
Bulova is also high in Heat Tolerance (118).


This is the third Evaluation of Ghibli as Proven Bull: he is in the Top of Italian Proven Bulls with +4358 PFT points.
Ghibli’s productions are very qualitative (Fat 0.62%) and the morphology of his daughters is correct, with positive rump angle and teats length.
This bull is high in Automated Milking Index (106) and in Heat Tolerance Index (110).


Spinoff confirms again his proof and ranks 1st place both for IES and ICS-PR. This bull is superb on management traits: Longevity 115, Daughter Fertility 111 and BCS Index 107. The daughters of Spinoff have great udder conformation, balanced with good health (110) and low somatic cells (112).
He transmit strenght and ideal size. His pedigree matchs with different bloodlines.


In the Evaluation of April, Kubrick ranks in the Top 10 of the Italian PFT Proven Bulls: second and third lactation daughters confirm his great productions. Cows are well balanced with correct rump. Milk’s percentages are also excellent: Protein 0.41% – Fat 0.43%. Ideal bull for robot milking (IMA 110).