The proven bull Letsgo is achieving resounding success in the International Holstein Selection.

In particular, he ranks in the top charts of Switzerland and Canada where there is a strong selection tradition for Morphology and Type in Holstein breed.

The daughters of Letsgo are great cows with good production and high percentages. Their morphology is remarkable with the plus of excellent udders.


  • 4th bull in the Official Swiss Top 100 Ranking of Proven Bulls, thanks to his ISET index of 1548.

  • Best ISET International Proven Bull for Type (138 ITP) and Udder (133).


  • 1st bull for Type (+11) and Udder (+9) in the Top 10 GLPI MACE Foreign International proven bulls rankings.

  • 20th bull in the Top International MACE Foreign Holstein proven Bulls (3474 GPLI)