Fleckvieh originated in Centeral Europe in the 19th century from cross-breeding of local stock with Simmental. The Simmental breed is named from the valley of the Simme river (Switzerland) and it is characterized by a reddish colour with white markings, originally rised for milk, meat and work.

Now Fleckvieh is one of the most popular bovine breed in the World. This breed can produce a high level of milk and in the same time it is also good for meat industry.

Fleckvieh cows are very good in milk productions, with good title expecially proteins. This breed has excellent longevity and high in fertility. In the meantime, Fleckvieh is ok also for grazing systems, thanks to its efficiency in using of pastures and fodders.

The udder health of Fleckvieh is very good too, with low somatic cell count and high resistance in mastitis.

Studies show that Fleckvieh bulls has excellent growth rates, low fat in the carcasses and animals are ready to be slaughtered in less time than other breed, compared on similar diets.

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