World Dairy Expo 2023


Intermizoo is waiting for you at the World Dairy Expo in Madison (WI) from 1st to 6th October. You will find our stand in Coliseum - Main Concourse n° 67, near the Cattle Showring. [...]

ELECTA – Sexed Genetics


On March 31, 2023, Intermizoo inaugurated the new semen sexing laboratory at the Vallevecchia facilities in Brussa di Carole (Venice). Intermizoo and IntelliGen® Technologies have established a new collaboration with the aim to bring [...]

Calf Recumbency


The scientific community has recently identified a new genetic condition in the Holstein breed, named Calf Recumbency also called Onset Muscle Weakness Syndrome - MW (early muscle weakness). What is [...]

Calving Ease Index


What's new? During the April 2023 data release, ANAFIBJ has updated the Calving Ease Index. The calculation model used so far (Sire Model*) has been replaced with the Animal Model**. In addition, the data [...]

Italian Holstein Selection: the PFT index


The main selection index for the Italian Holstein Fresian breed developed by ANAFIBJ is called PFT, which stands for Production, Functionality and Type. The PFT index combines these three elements based on the selection [...]

Heat Tolerance Index


The most important news of this evaluation is the pubblication of the Index for Heat Tolerance - IHT by ANAFIBJ, the National Association of Italian Holstein Breeders. What is the heat stress? In the last [...]

Heat stress in dairy cattle


"There are no more mid-seasons!" How many times do we hear it? In fact, over the last 50 years, global temperatures have seen a significant spike and the lack of laws and regulations capable [...]