Brown Swiss

Brown Swiss is a breed spreads globally thanks to its strong milk type, suitability for pasturing and frugality.
Originally its had triple-purpose and comes from the Alpine region of Europe.
Nowadays it is selected for its dairy qualities: Brown Swiss shows high protein contents and good protein quality. Good feet and legs allow to this breed to be suitable for pasturing also in the mountain region.

Brown Swiss is available from two different selection programs, which are one from POLAR and one from SUPERBROWN.

Polar offers bulls which combine genetic variability, production quality and animal functionality. The Polar Project is owned by ANARB, the Italian Brown Cattle Breeders’ Association.

Superbrown program is owned by the Superbrown Consortium of Bolzano and Trento, born in collaboration between the Provincial Breeders Federation of Trento and the Ptovincial Brown Swiss Breeders Federation of Bolzano. The major aims of selection of the Superbrown project are: content in useful material of milk, cheese-making ability, animals’ Adaptability in mountain landscape and general health of milk cow, such as BCS, fertility and longevity.