The PFT Index is one of the most important selection index in the Italian Holstein breed. This index combines production, management and conformation traits; it is defined in rank from 0 to 99 and by sex. The lowest rank for A.I. authorization is 98, which identifies the best 2% of the population.

Starting from the evaluation of December 2019, the Italian Holstein Association (ANAFIJ) has made some adjustments:

  • Daughter fertility has been increases from 10% to 20%;
  • Udder health Index (MST Index) has been added to the evaluation.

These changes in the PFT Index were necessary in order to improve the genetic fertility trend in the Italian Holstein population. So, the new PFT Index is composed by the following traits:

Therefore, production, conformation and management weight 47%, 17% and 36% respectively.

Once again, the aim of Italian Holstein selection is to create an efficient system of bovine evaluation in connection with characteristics and needs of the modern agriculture.

References: ANAFIJ – Associazione Nazionale Allevatori della Razza Frisona e Jersey Italiana.