VOGUE LETSGO (Applicable x VG Powerball X Numero Uno)

VOGUE LETSGO – one of the hottest newcomers at Intermizoo. As his name suggests, this sire will keep your herd moving forward. His modern type pattern and his fresh genetics are one step ahead and bring something new to the most popular modern pedigrees, such as: Supersire, Supershot, Josuper and Montross blood lines.

Vogue Letsgo traces back to the legendary Comestar Laurie Sheik cow family, backed by several generations of VG and EX cows. Letsgo’s production proofs are extremely balanced combining high yields with components and K-casein BB. When it comes to type LETSGO is the all-round bull improving rump angle and siring ideal leg set.

His semen will be available starting from June