From the very beginning, Intermizoo has always take to heart the environmental impact of the bull station and the genetics produced for the farmers.
The main aim of Intermizoo is to select animals which ensures good income for breeders and, at the same time, able to reduce the environment impact of the farms, thanks to an improvement of the management traits.

The A.I. station is located in a natural reserve named “Isola di Vallevecchia” and the works in the field are very respectful of this area. Soil practices for the bulls feed production are made using the minimum fertilizer required and machinery, and water consumption is very moderate.
Moreover, Intermizoo works together with SOP for a sustainable management of the bull stables, using products that have a positive effect on the ecosystem.

Thanks to the process of Bio-valorization, Bio-resilience and Bio-hygienization, manure management is facilitated: the manure acquires a greater agronomic value, being transformed from a “problem” into a “resource”. The manure has improved its fertilizer capacity and the air is less polluted: odor, ammonia and greenhouse gasses are lowered.
The average methane emissions decreased by 44%, while carbon dioxide decreased by 44%, as shown in the table.

With great satisfaction, in 2021 this important commitment was certified as a proof of environment care: Certification’s Environmental Social Governance Rating: 2020 © – n ° 0059/2021

From the Genetic side, Intermizoo bulls are a stable presence in the Italian PFT ranking but, above all, in the IES and ICS-PR ranking, the two Italian indeces which give importance to the sustainability of the production chain of milk and cheese. Futhermore, the selection plan of Intermizoo has always highlighted management traits: cows with good fertility and longevity are able to produce more income for the farmer, with less waste of resources and lower environmental impact.  

This a translation of the “Allevatori Top” n. 2 article. Download the full text here (only available in Italian).