In December 2021, ANAFIBJ has pubblished the updated list of the Gold Medal Cows.
The awarding of the Gold Medal title is given to those cows which achive specific productive, genetic, morfologic and reproductive goals during their life.

There are 9 goals and Cows get a star for each of them: when a cow achieves 6 stars, she gets the Gold Medal title. If she achieved more goals, she gets an extra star each, for a maximum of 9 stars. The goals are:

1st starAt least 2 000 kg of components
2nd starAt least 3 500 kg of components or 6 births in 10 years
3rd star85 points in the Morphological Evaluation for 1st lactation cow/ 89 points or more in the following Evaluations
4th starA least EX92 in the Morphological Evaluation / 1st place in the National or Regional Show or Absolute Champion in the Provincial Show
5th star99 rank and a complete lactation
6th starN°2 daughters reaching the 1st and 2nd goals
7th starN°2 daughters reaching the 3rd and 4th goals
8th and 9th starsA 95 rank son and 80% reliability


Today in Italy, there are about 100 Gold Medal cows. With the update of December 2021, there are a large group of cows belonging to the Intermizoo Selection Program. Among them, the Gold Medal new entries are:

  • PG OZON ET – dam of Osaka (Intermizoo Proven Bull) and 2nd dam of Okinawa (Intermizoo Genomic Bull);
  • GEGANIA DEMAN DARIA ET  – dam of DRAGON P, Intermizoo Proven Bull at his second Evaluation;
  • MURI DOORMAN TRILOGY ET – dam of PEPSOL, 2nd in the PFT ranking and in the Top5 for IES;
  • ALL.NURE NUMERO UNO PEPITA ET  – dam of POPSTAR, Intermizoo Proven bull;
  • AQUA WATHA IOLE – daughter of WATHA, bull of Intermizoo Selecion Plan;
  • ALL.MARGHERITA VI. WANIA – daughter of VIRZIL, bull of the Intermizoo Selection Plan.

Congratulations to the breeders for these amazing cows!