Every year, the Italian Holstein Friesian Genetic Base is updated. This adjustement is due to the genetic improvement of Holstein population.
Therefore, animals taken into account for the 2022 index calculation are cows born between 2014 and 2016, whether for productive, morphological or functional indeces.

Here the main points of this genetic evaluation base update:

  • The PFT improvement is 144,80 points, but it is balanced by a constant in its formula, in order to allow the comparison of PFT indeces of different years.
  • The improvement of the IES, Economic – Functional Index is 66,78 €/productive life.
  • The improvement of the ICS-PR, Cheesemaking and Sustainability Index is 98,08 €/productive life.

For the complete table of indeces variations, please, check ANAFIBJ’s website.