As a result of this proof run the annual update of the genetic base has
been made. Therefore, the reference animals for the index calculation
(all the traits: production, type and health/management) are the cows
born in the three-year period 2010-2012. Due to the higher genetic
value of the reference animals, the indexes have undergone a general
decrease, as shown in the table.
However, the Central Technical Commission of Anafi decided in October
2015, that the value of the PFT will be adjusted each year based on the
expected base change. This means that, unlike all other indexes, the PFT
will not suffer the decrease due to the base update; in this way it will be
easier for insiders and breeders to make comparisons of PFT over several

PFT *0.00
FAT KG3.40
F & L0.14


*The PFT improvement was 148.82kg, which was absorbed by a
constant in the PFT formula: making the comparison possible between
different years. Both the increase in PFT, and the genetic improvement
of the Italian Holstein population, is the highest in recent years. It is also
important to highlight the increase in the IES economic index, which is
€42.68. That means the genetic effect, in one year, on the lifetime
income of each cow has increased by almost €43: in a herd of 100 cows
that means € 4.300 !!!

(data provided by ANAFI)