On March 31, 2023, Intermizoo inaugurated the new semen sexing laboratory at the Vallevecchia facilities in Brussa di Carole (Venice).

Intermizoo and IntelliGen® Technologies have established a new collaboration with the aim to bring an innovative semen sexing technology to Italy, offering breeders the opportunity to use high-quality sexed semen that fully take advantages of their genetic investment.

ELECTA – Females by Intermizoo

The most important discovery that allowed the development of the semen sexed technology is that X-chromosome-carrying sperm (female sperm) contains 3.8% more DNA than Y-chromosome-carrying sperm (male sperm).

For Electa, Intermizoo chose IntelliGen technology, which use a detection laser to determine the sperm’s chromosome. By using specific molecules that cause fluorescence, the male sperm is distinguished from female sperm, which appears more brightly colored due to the 3.8% extra DNA.

Once the Y-chromosome sperms (male) are identified, they are inactivated using a second laser that separates the sperm’s head from its tail, making them immobile and unable to fertilize.

This process ensures minimal stress for the female sperm, resulting in an excellent final semen quality.

The semen used for the sexing process must meet very strict criteria in terms of quantity and quality of spermatozoa, ensuring the success of the procedure. Furthermore, the produced doses undergo rigorous post-thawing checks: all batches are tested to verify that the product, once thawed, maintains excellent fertilizing capabilities. Additionally, the percentage of X-chromosome sperm (female) within the dose is assessed.
Any batch that fails to meet these criteria is eliminated from the market.

Electa allows breeders to take advatanges of their genetics investment, guaranteeing greater efficiency in herd management, reducing male calf births and rapidly increasing the genetic progress of the herd.

How does the technlogy works?

  • The semen is put through a preliminary quality control process to make sure it is viable and motile.

  • The cells are stained and loaded onto the technology platform: female and male sperm cells can be detected by the laser, thanks to the difference in DNA content.

  • Another laser inactivates the unwanted cells (male and unknow cells), dividing the head by the tail.

  • Both female and male cells are packaged in the straws, but male cells are no more motile.