Great News from Denmark

Huge succes for the dam of Geyser TIRSVAD SNIPER GAMBIA VG89, that obtains the heighest score given to first lactation cows in Denmark, of 89 points!


Geyser  is one of the best sire of sons of the Intermizoo’s program, thanks to his complete profile and his excellent proofs! He ranks very high in many worldwide bull lists too.

  • In the Italian Evaluation of December 2020, Geyser proves himself again on the TOP of different rankings:

                        ? In second place in gPFT ranking

                        ? In first place in IES and ICS-PR: undisputed leader of economic indexes

  • Complete bull with great fitness traits: calving ease, fertility and longevity.  High in udder composition and health. Excellent feet & legs.
  • POLLED bull, half of his progeny will be hornless
  • Different pedigree without Montross, Jedi and Balisto
  • Haplotype free bull!

Click here for the full bull sheet of Geyser!