The April 2018 new releases are excellent news at Intermizoo. This proof run a number of our genomic sires have a full proof, as their daughters start milking. Most are ranked well in the top 20 GPFT list.

ALL.NURE DOOR. POISON is the hottest new entry. A Doorman son of Muri Planet Popsy EX-90, one of the very best Italian brood cows since the genomic era started. Poison has the type we could expect with a Doorman son, he also sires very high production: his daughters are high yieldeing heifers. CLEAREST confirms himself as one of the most interesting proven bulls with a different pedigree (Scolari x Al). He offers over 1,200 on milk and a balanced all round type proof. GALACTICO is the second highest new proven bull at Intermizoo, with 3.076g PFT and 2.32 udder. Galctico has been a very popular genomic sire: his proof is based on 341 daughters across 190 herds. Galactico is sired by Galaxy and his dam is full sister to Doorman.
SNOWBIZ M CHILTON was the highest genomic bull for type, which he has impressively maintained as a proven bull. CHILTON is a McCutchen out of the famous Chassitys and his daughters are very impressive for production as well.
DRAGSTER is a second McCutchen son, siring beautiful, dairy extremely well uddered cows. He has almost +3 on udder and a very modern balanced type pattern. GLORIOSO has an early daughter proof. Producers really love his young daughters and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him climbing the list by the next proof run.