The Beefmaster breed has high fertility and productive, with high feed efficiency. As a matter of fact, its daily gain is excellent. More over the Beefmaster breed is quiet resistent to diseases.

Breed deriving from the crossbreed between Zebu and Taurus, which was created in the United States by zebus (Gir, Guzerat, Nellore) and valuable bulls of Hereford and Shorthorn breed. They are extremely fruitful and productive animals.

They are able to exploit the pastures very well, they are excellent for GRASS FED breeding (animals fed exclusively on grass).

They are also able to adapt well to different types of territories and climate, in fact they are widely used in tropical and sub tropical countries. They have improved food efficiency, with a very interesting increase in daily weight, and they also have excellent resistance to diseases.

They are animals that have a meat of high nutritional quality.