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Since 1974 in animal genetic field: years of experiences and research for meeting the needs of our breeders.

Reliable and long-lasting cows with high quality productions allow to increase the economic and environmental sustainability of the farm.
The efficiency of the dairy herd is the cornerstone of our Selection Philosophy.


Intermizoo Bulls

In this section you will find a wide selection of bulls: Italian Holstein Friesian, Beef bulls and Italian Mediterranean Water Buffalos!



Water Buffalo

Beef Bulls

Brown Swiss


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Brown Swiss
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TOP Bulls selected by Intermizoo

Pro Caseus

Intermizoo boasts an in-depth knowledge of its industry, thanks to a unique know-how developed in almost 50 years of activity. And it is thanks to the long research activity applied to genomics that, in collaboration with the University of Padova, Intermizoo has created Pro Caseus.
Pro Caseus is the new tool that allows dairy farmers to improve the production of milk for processing into cheese. This means higher cheese yield, and also more quality, and therefore sustainable production, with positive effects in terms of sustainability for the entire supply chain.
The dairy farmer who chooses Pro Caseus index animals knows that he is breeding for superior cattle with a strong aptitude for cheese making and producing better milk.
Milk that comes from Pro Caseus cows has a better cheese yield, a curd with the right consistency and optimal processing times.

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Higher yield at the dairy
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Higher income for the dairy farmers
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Greater sustainability of the transformation process
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Better cheese quality
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